Disposable Cups and Glasses 

Want to party but don't want to have deal with the aftermath?

Choose from our large range of disposable cups  and save yourself from all the hassle of washing up whilst protecting your own precious glasses from the hordes of children turning up to your four-year-old's birthday party. They will love our decorative party range which are much more interesting than boring old china or glass.

And it’s not just the little monsters who are apt to break a cup here or there- any good party runs the risk, especially with alcohol involved so why not go for some peace of mind and use disposable cups not likely to smash? Or perhaps you run or work in an office and find that the office mugs don’t bear looking at, and prefer something clean, such as our range of cups suitable for hot drinks. And best of all, Just Catering Supplies  offer you fantastic prices over the whole of our plastic cup range, so you can get the convenience without the cost.

Our range includes traditional 180ml & 7oz plastic cups suitable for all cold drinks, as well as cardboard, paper and polystyrene cups for coffee, tea and other hot drinks - available with lids in many cases, with up to an hour's heat retention.

"Whether it's for a catered event, the office canteen or ease of convenience at home we guarantee to have the disposable cup that you need."

There's NO MINIMUM order and we offer trade prices direct to the public.